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We empower students to become the best version of themselves

About Hickey Learning Company

We help students become their own best resource. When students analyze their own thinking and have the freedom to explore and make mistakes, they build true understanding and confidence.
Shawn Hickey has been empowering learners for over 20 years. As a classroom teacher, he quickly learned how to motivate and connect with his students and he applies this same approach today. Shawn is a dad, husband, coach, and proud Penn State graduate.
Our workspace is located on The Mallway at Old Arlington in Upper Arlington, Ohio.

hickey-about-graphics_discussion Interactive Reading & Discussion
The goal of these sessions is for students to develop efficient reading and verbal communication skills through guided peer interaction and respectful debate. Our Jones Middle School students attend during their open lunch and read and analyze current event news articles. Our elementary students meet after school.
hickey-about-graphics_book One-On-One Tutoring
We meet with individual students in the student’s home, a library, or a local coffee shop. While each student is different, the overriding objective in this environment is to help students to develop a growth mindset. When students realize they are capable of learning anything through hard work and efficient work habits, they become their own best resource. Subjects include Math, Reading, Science, Study Skills, and Executive Functioning Skills.
hickey-about-graphics_math Math Exploration
We provide students with the opportunity to problem solve. When they have the freedom to fail and/or change their mind, students flourish. An emphasis is placed on developing a practical understanding by exploring “above grade level” concepts.
hickey-about-graphics_act ACT Test Preparation
The ACT is a test of efficiency. Students maximize their score when their preparation accentuates their strengths as a learner within the context of this timed test. We efficiently identify test areas where students can most dramatically impact their score.

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